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Special Pack Maghreb
North Africa just a mouse click away

Increase your brand visibility with North African consumers! Africawin provides online marketing strategies to get in touch with approx. 3.4 million unique visitors a month in the Maghreb.
Geotargeting : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

CPM : 0.60 € for 1000 prints
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African Diaspora Package
Reach Africans in Europe
Ethnic targeting

Your products are aimed specifically at African or North African diaspora living in the European continent. If you want to boost your sales of Halal products, ethnic cosmetics or your specific Muslim dating websites, Africawin will offer you to target the net surfers who are living in Europe while surfing on African websites.

CPM : 1.00 € for 1000 prints
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Morocco Package
Morocco in spotlight during autumn!
Specific geotargeting

You'd like to launch your product on the Moroccan market or you just want to communicate with the E-consumers in this country. With 2,3 million of Moroccan unique visitors each month, Africawin allows to target only the Moroccan net surfers.
Geotargeting : Morocco

CPM : 0.60 € for 1000 prints
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CPM : 0.60 € for 1000 prints
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CPM : 0.60 € for 1000 prints
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Regular display
On all the websites' affiliated
Optimal visibility

Create your own ad, set up your daily budget and become well known on our network with a 5/24 frequency capping .
The easiest way to set up your ad campaign

CPM : 0.50 € for 1000 prints
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Entertainment package
Music, cinema, games
Topics targeting

Communicate with our Entertainment Package and get in touch with fans of music, cinema or games. The Entertainment Package offers you the best possible solution to approach a young audience, who are always looking for fancy goods.

CPM : 0.70 € for 1000 prints
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Younth Package
Blogs, forums and music portals
Get in touch with young consumers!

You want to attract young and urban consumers, who are fans of new products or branded goods. The Youth Package enables you to target young people between 15–25 years old who are visiting forums, blogs or music portals.

CPM : 0.70 € for 1000 prints
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Leisure Package
Don't miss your chance!

Drive traffic or extend reach and brand awareness by an audience addicted to games. Africawin allows you to broadcast your ads only on sites dedicated to online games.

CPM : 0.70 € for 1000 prints
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Business Package

For all your events or your professional trainings, your job offers or your promotion campaigns, Africawin will offer you an effective solution to communicate with a professional audience surfing on news, press or political websites.

CPM : 0.85 € for 1000 prints
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African Package
An African audience
High-growth market!

From Maghreb to Sub-Saharan Africa, you want to reach an 100% African audience. Promote your products or extend your brand awareness on a high-growth market! With over 5 million of unique visitors a month in Africa, Africawin has the right pack for you! Africa is now just a mouse click away!

CPM : 0.80 € for 1000 prints
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If you need different targeting options, contact-us. We can easyly propose a personallized pack for you.

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