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Increase your brand visibility with North African consumers! Africawin provides online marketing strategies to get in touch with approx. 3.4 million unique visitors a month in the Maghreb.

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The African market

"...All emerging markets will account for 65% of new global advertising expenditure in 2012 and will have their world market share from 28% to 32%..."Network Associated

"...Is widely accepted that expenditure on online advertising on the Internet are growing faster than any other media worldwide. Africa follows the movement..."International NetAds

A few words about Africawin

Founded in late 2006, the advertising Africawin was created to meet the growing need for interactive communication on the African continent.

It aims to be the first African advertising network on the Internet. To date, it has touched over 58 million unique visitors in Africa and 218 million in the world and distributed more than 10.5 billion banner ads.

Africa is certainly a market that brands must include in their overall strategy.

Africa & The Middle East has more than 175 million Internet users. To put this in perspective, this population is four times of all Internet users in France (44 million), 50% of China (384mo) and 80% of U.S. (220mo). There is a massive readership of publications in this region from Europe and the United States (diaspora).

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