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Increase your brand visibility with North African consumers! Africawin provides online marketing strategies to get in touch with approx. 3.4 million unique visitors a month in the Maghreb.

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Quality charter

All webmasters of our network follow the quality charter that provides a quality space. Here are its contents :

  • The site must belong to the webmaster, who is the creator or administrator
  • The site must be accessible 24/24
  • The site must be in French, English, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese
  • The site must have content
  • The shape of the site (Design) should be accomplished
  • The 'under construction' sites are excluded
  • Site content must be legal
  • No pornographic material or xenophobic
  • Do not redirect your traffic to another site
  • No links or ads for sites whose subject or content is pornographic, illicit or immoral
  • Do not show banner ads from our network on pages tthat has not been validated by Africawin
  • Do not force users to click on ads
  • Do not artificially generate activity on sites validated (autosurf)
  • Do not change or alter our tags


The network

Today consists of more than 4000 sites, the first African media in terms of volume. With 600 million advertisements each month, Africawin affects about 5.4 million unique visitors each month.

Our audience is located :

- 43% in Africa
- 25% in Europe (including a very large audience in France)
- 32% in rest of world

The bond that unites the majority of these users is their interest in Africa, its culture, its politics, economy, heritage, ...


  • Business- Economy - Politics - news - news - earn money - company

  • Entertainment - Cinema - Humor - Games - Recreation - manga - music - meeting - sports - tourism

  • Chat - Forum - Blog - meeting / dialogue - Ads

  • High tech - Computer - Internet - Telephony

  • Games

  • News - portals - press - blog - forum

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